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Affiliate Program Approval

What affiliate programs get approval?

To be approved by Affiliate HeadQuarters, an affiliate program must be better than other affiliate programs in the same category. Every program listed on Affiliate HeadQuarters has met our qualifications, which include:

  • Free and easy to join.
  • A high demand, high quality product.
  • Products that are priced to sell.
  • High commission rates for affiliates and sub-affiliates.
  • Resources (banners, prewritten letters, etc.) for affiliates.
  • Effective affiliate link tracking.
  • Timely and regular commission payments.

We prefer multi-tiered affiliate programs that allow affiliates to build a strong sub-affiliate base, however, if an affiliate program is single tiered but offers a high commission and meets all other requirements it will receive our approval. We also favor affiliate programs that offer lifetime commissions when possible, but we understand this is not always possible with certain products.

At Affiliate HeadQuarters we will not list every affiliate program available, we only list the best. Webmasters and affiliates are more successful when they are in affiliate programs that are not destined for failure. This is why we will not list, recommend, or endorse under performing affiliate programs.

Every affiliate program listed on Affiliate HeadQuarters, either in the Top 10 Affiliate Programs or in our Affiliate Directory, has met or exceeded our high standards.

Affiliate Programs listed by Affiliate HeadQuarters may show our seal of approval. We view our approval as an award given only to the best affiliate programs, and as a way for visitors to recognise rewarding affiliate programs.

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