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Free CGI Scripts

Download Free CGI Scripts to improve your web site.

The following CGI scripts are scripts that we find useful or use ourselves. CGI scripts can make your web site interact more with your users, provide valuable services, and give visitors a reason to come back. The scripts on this page are fairly easy to set up. And as always, we only recommend quality free CGI scripts.

Remember, in order to use these free CGI scripts, your server must be configured to run CGI scripts. Ask your system administrator as to whether or not you can use CGI scripts, and if so, where your CGI scripts must reside. If you cannot run CGI scripts from your own server, consider remotely hosted scripts such as our Tell-A-Friend script.

Featured below are the quality free CGI Scripts that you have been looking for.

Ace Referer Pro

This is an excellent site recommendation CGI script. The script is much like the Tell-A-Friend service offered on our web site. You can allow your visitors to recommend up to 10 people to visit your site.

Download Now

Affiliate Coder

If you run your own affiliate program than Affiliate Coder may be of use to you. This CGI script outputs the correct HTML code for your affiliates quickly and easily. The is also script is easy to configure.

Download Now


This script hides the location of your downloads, and prevents other web sites from linking to your files and stealing your bandwidth. This is an easy script to setup. It can protect an unlimited amount of files.

Download Now

Cliff's SpamBot Killer Script

This script lets you get revenge on spammers who grab your e-mail address off of your web page. This script generates fake e-mail addresses. When a spammer's e-mail harvester comes, it happily returns a couple thousand e-mail addresses, all of which will bounce.

Download Now


This is the script we use for our form processing. The script is easy to configure and has many advanced options. The script has the ability to prevent abuse, collect information about the sender, and much more.

Download Now

Free For All Links Page

This CGI script allows you to run a full featured Free For All Links Page on your web site. FFA Pages allow visitors to post their links on your page and automatically receive customizable e-mails from you. The FFA submission page is HTML and can be changed to match you site.

Download Now

Robot Rat

This CGI script makes it easy to tell when search engine spiders have indexed your site. You make a hidden link to the CGI script on your page and when a bot crawls the link the activity is recorded.

Download Now

The Ultimate Link Tracker

Want to know what results you get from ads, press releases, posting on the internet, etc.? Want to hide your affiliate links so they cannot be cut off? Then this script is for you.

Download Now

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