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**About These eBooks**

These eBooks are our free gift to you for visiting our site. Many of these ebooks include resell rights, you can sell them or give them away as free bonuses to your visitors.

These are quality ebooks that will deliver everything they promise if you follow them exactly. All of the ebooks on this page are free from us, and they will remain free.

If you would like more ebooks then visit our Resell Rights System. The ebooks in the system are not free, but they are worth the price because of the effort and research that has gone into them. The Resell Rights System includes over 130 ebooks and resell rights for only $29.97.

The Free eBooks:

14-Point Web Copy Analysis

This is an in-depth audio ebook that teaches you how to write a web copy that sells. After reading this eBook you will finally be able to create websites and advertisements that can capture a reader's attention and sell. The entire ebook is presented in an easy to read, clean, logical format. The ebook goes into depth about attention grabbing headlines, establishing credibility, introducing a product to skeptical buyers and other valuable marketing techniques.

The Greatest Marketing Secrets

This ebook takes a look back in our advertising history and discusses in great detail how and why those ads worked. The ebook gives insight into why some ads encourage people to buy. The same things that enticed people to buy thousands of years ago will continue to make people buy thousands of years from now. In this ebook dozens of advertisements from various eras are reviewed so you can learn from them.

The Affiliate Masters Course

This 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by digestible step, day by day, through a flawless process. It will help you build a Web site that will pull in targeted traffic and keep your visitors coming back for more. This ebook clearly shows you how to create an effective Theme-Based Content Site that will generate income. Nothing has been held back. Everything you need to know is included in the course.

7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to MAXIMUM Sales

Discover the best techniques that you probably never heard. Learn the #1 trigger word behind the most mailed direct mail piece of all time. Uncover the single most powerful word that gets people to buy or take action (and no, it's not "FREE" or "YOU") Discover how one simple psychological secret saved a store days before bankruptcy. Find out what a "damaging admission" is and why it will skyrocket your sales (Hint: It's the exact opposite of how most people write advertising). And much more...

Case Study of 33 Days to Online Profits

Learn how two Internet success gurus created the informational CD "33 Days to Online Profits." This ebook provides step-by-step documentation that follows them from preparing and creating the CD all the way to marketing and shipping it. This ebook gives real insight for anyone wanting to successfully create and manage their product from its conception to its finish. The ebook allows for easy replication of their success.

The Secret to Winning Every Time

This ebook covers many topics that may just lead you down that road to success. Learn how to eliminate competition from your life and literally become the only game in town. There is also a surprisingly simple 4-step system for winning in everything you do. If you feel like you are struggling to get ahead then this is for you.

The Scam & Spam Report

This ebook report is meant to help you make sense of the spam and scams that bombard all of us everyday and literally threaten to shut down the Internet if it does not get brought under control soon. This ebook contains valuable information and analyzes various scams so that you can better protect yourself, it is a must read for anyone that uses the Internet.

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