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Integrity Casinos

What makes the Integrity Casino affiliate programs different?

  • Excellent support and service
  • Great free promotional material
  • Excellent commission structure
  • Choice of many payment methods
  • Attractive incentives for players
  • Reliable, accurate affiliate stats tracking
  • Timely and accurate affiliate commission payments

Integrity Casinos Ltd boasts the best affiliate program percentages for any online casino affiliate program, up to a 35% commission. Online gaming is the most profitable niche on the Internet with total market revenues of $4.8 billion in 2002. If you have a website, even if it is not gaming related, you should try promoting one of the Integrity Casinos. You will be surprised with the results.

Integrity Casinos Ltd will provide you with a wealth of promotional material when you signup, which is then available for you to publish on your website.

When players click on these banners and links, they are directed to the casino under your “affiliate tag”. If these players download and play, all their transactions are monitored and recorded so that you can be paid a percentage of their losses.

This affiliate program is three-tiered. Which means you make money from the players you refer, the players your sub-affiliates refer, and the players their affiliates refer!

Ready to get started?  

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