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Make Money Online Affiliate Program Affiliate Program is easy to promote and has a vast database of singles. But more, Affiliate Program has customizable search boxes that you can put on your site, so matching the search results to the nature of your site. For one example, if your affiliate site is aimed at an audience of older Chinese people you could easily generate a search box that would yield listings of Chinese men or women over the age of 60. Here's another example: a search box for singles living within 50 miles of Chicago.

All this is made possible by a program control panel that allows you to select the features you need in your affiliate search box. You can select by country, by distance from places in the US, by ethnic background (Asian, Pacific Islander, Latin, Black, and so on) and to some extent by age. So a search box for Latin singles living within 10 miles of Los Angeles who are between 20 and 30 years of age would be entirely possible.

Such affiliate search boxes take only a minute to create and it is then just a question of copying and pasting the resultant code into your page -- around a ten second job.

Apart from allowing you to match the search to your site visitors' demographic, these search boxes allow you to create new pages (or sites) aimed at a new demographic, provided you can add some content related to that demographic.

Another advantage of the affiliate program is that you can add as many sites as you wish. The linking and search box codes you generate are different for each of your sites, so allowing you to track clicks and sales from each of your sites. The affiliate program is 2-tier too.

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