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The Importance of Paid Hosting
By Affiliate HeadQuarters

Free web hosting can do the job. However, if you are truly serious about your online business then you need to invest in paid web hosting. Paid hosting establishes your brand name recognition and make a site more trustworthy. Not only that, but your business will be up and running all day, everyday without the limitations of free hosting.

As I mentioned earlier, web hosting is the only expense I encounter with my business, and the cost is well worth the benefits. Having said that, I must also add that hosting does not have to be expensive. You will see "great" hosting packages offered for over $20 a month, we will be looking at better or equal packages that are all under $10 a month.

Rated the #1 hosting provider over and over, iPowerWeb offers more than any other host. 800 MB of space, 40 GB of monthly transfer, 400 POP E-mails, SSI CGI, PHP, MySQL, FTP, FrontPage Extensions, and detailed web. You also get a Free Domain Name all for just $7.95 a month with no hidden charges, making this my preferred hosting provider.

Avid Hosting
Avid Hosting offers 100 MB of space, 6 GB of monthly transfer, 100 E-Mail accounts and a domain name for $9.95 a month. There is also a $19.95 setup fee.

Host Select
Host Select is a unique provider. They are made up of web hosting resellers that buy space from Hosting Select and then set their own prices for hosting, so it often offers competitive prices. There are many hosting options, my best advice is to visit the site and view them for yourself.

Lunar Web Hosts
Lunar Web Hosts offers 500 MB of space, 20 MB monthly transfer, CGI, PHP, SSI, and FTP. You also receive unlimited email accounts, email forwarding, and auto responders. There are no hidden charges and prices start at $7.95 a month.

You can also offset the cost of hosting by joining your host's affiliate program, writing a positive review about your host, and recommending it to your readers. All of the above mentioned hosts offer affiliate programs.

When recommending hosting, it is important to recommend quality hosting that is reasonably priced. For example, iPowerWeb offers the best package for under $8, making it my main recommendation to anyone seeking hosting.

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