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Washed Up Marketing Secrets Revealed!
By Affiliate HeadQuarters

So many companies claim to have the newest most innovative moneymaking, traffic driving scheme to date. To a certain extent they are right – through hype and gimmicks they get tons of traffic and your money! The pitfalls of tactics hatched to “spread the word” about your product or web site will be explained in this article, the point is not to discredit the shady software peddlers that try to swindle you out of money, but to help you save your money for better uses.

Washed Up Secret 1: IP Advertising

IP Advertising is hardly the advertising magic bullet its marketers want you to believe. IP Advertising is ineffective; you cannot put links in messenger “ads” the user has to manually type your web address into their address bar. Messenger popups are easy to ignore and close, just like popup windows. Everyday Windows users are learning how easily it is to disable messenger and protect themselves from IP Advertisements.

Washed Up Secret 2: FFA Pages

FFA Pages will increase your link popularity and make you more popular with the ladies! Actually, despite the hype, FFA Pages will do nothing for your link popularity – they will not even hurt it! Search engines dislike FFA Pages, they will not count FFA Page links as part of your link popularity, however, they will not count FFA Page links against you either. Search engines basically ignore FFA Pages all together, making them a huge waste of time. If that is not enough, remember that no one visits FFA Pages and those who post use throwaway emails, so running your own list in hopes of trying email marketing is a losing battle as well.

Washed Up Secret 3: Submit Your Site to 80,000 Search Engines!

Search engines are your main source of traffic, more specifically, the top search engines. Google, Yahoo, Open Directory Project, Lycos, and ExactSeek, bring in the most traffic because they are the most popular and most used. Submit to these web sites by hand from their web sites. As far as the other 79,995 search engines go – forget them.

Washed Up Secret 4: You MUST Resubmit Your Site to Search Engines!

You hear this from companies that are not just happy with ripping you off once, they want to rip you off monthly, for your convenience. Once your site is indexed by a search engine, there is no need to resubmit the site. Once it is indexed, it is indexed, and it will stay indexed. Resubmitting will not help or hurt your ranking; it is just another waste of time, and often money.

Washed Up Secret 5: Protect Your Site / Affiliate Links – Encrypt the HTML!

Encrypting HTML to protect it from thieves would be great, if it worked. It would be great to encrypt the HTML code you worked so hard to write, but it can always be decrypted. Encrypted web sites have to decrypt in the browser so they load slower, the larger the encrypted page the slower it loads. In addition, encrypting your web site means that search engine spiders cannot retrieve keywords from your web site. You are basically removing all keywords from your site, which will kill your search engine ranking.

Washed Up Secret 6: Bulk Email Marketing – Like the Big Boys!

Email marketing can be done right and produce incredible results. But more often than not it is done horribly wrong and produces a tarnished reputation and terminated accounts. Any time you hear someone talk about how the “Big Boys” do email marketing, remember that no reputable company buys email lists. If you want to email market like the “Big Boys” then create your own email list. Collect emails by asking your visitors to sign up to receive “Special Announcements” and make sure you let them know you plan to email them!

Washed Up Secret 7: Thousands of Visitors with Popup Ads

At one time popup advertising were associated with low brow, low quality web sites, but that is no longer the case. Popup advertisements are everywhere – and visitors hate them! Not only do popup ads take away from the over all quality of a web site, but they annoy the visitor that has to close them. The many free popup blocking programs make paying for popup ads is a waste of resources. In general, popup ads have less than desirable click through rates that merit a good enough reason to keep them off your web site.

Washed Up Secret 8: Auto Surf Programs

Watch your hit counter soar! Your bandwidth disappear! And your earnings stay the same! Auto surf programs promise visitors, which they do deliver, but they deliver visitors that do not even look at your site. Auto surf programs consist of webmasters viewing web pages, each page they visit results in a hit to their own page. For example, an auto surf program with a 1 to 1 ratio sends 1 visitor to your web page for every web page that you visit through their network. The visitors brought by auto surf programs are not interested in your site, they have their own, they just want to view your page to get hits to their pages. If you have tons of bandwidth to spare and just want to see your hit counter go higher and higher then auto surfs are for you. If you are interested in results, then leave the auto surf programs to those with time to kill.

Chances are that someone has presented you with at least one, if not all, of the above “secrets.” You probably thought their amazing offer sounded too good to be true – good call.

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