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Ken Evoy never ceases to amaze with his outstanding products. The thing that really helps this program as well is the fact that he pays you lifetime commissions for the customers that you send him.

In my opinion this is the wave of the future for affiliate programs because it allows you to make money long after that first sale.

It is a lot of work to get a customer to purchase, and this adds a very nice reward for your efforts.

When you join Ken's program you are given all the tools you could possibly need to become successful with it...and any other for that matter.

You'll get a 224 page FREE manual full of tips and information to help you succeed as an affiliate. You'll have access to FREE email courses to help you and your visitors learn EVEN MORE about selling on the Internet.

This guide will give you everything you need to know to boost sales through the art of word usage. Think about it for a moment...what is it that your visitors see when they surf through your site? Words! And if those words aren't doing everything they possibly can to sell your products, you're missing out, period.

Join the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program today and start earning a decent affiliate income.

More Reasons to Join

  • Rapidly expanding top quality product lines
    Every SiteSell product is aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small businesses sell on the Web. SiteSell offers quality products at very accessible prices. You will be proud to recommend them.
  • High commissions
    5P payment is as generous as any on the Web (details just above).
  • Lifetime commission for referred customers
    When a customer buys from us due to your referral, that customer "belongs" to you forever. Result? Your business grows month after month, building true equity.
  • Lifetime affiliate team under you
    Want to earn even more? Set up your own affiliate network. Earn a commission from all of their sales. This pillar provides true "way beyond living wage" potential.
  • Limited number of affiliates
    In huge affiliate programs, each affiliate is potentially your direct competitor. Not here. We want you to make serious money, long-term -- so we limit the number of affiliates.

Join the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program

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