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Free Tell-A-Friend Script

Word of mouth advertising is one of the best forms of advertisement. Our free Tell-A-Friend script allows your visitors to easily refer their friends to your web site.

Our Tell-A-Friend script is an excellent form of viral marketing - plus it's free!
If your visitor likes your web site then why not make it easy for them to tell their friends? Your visitors can easily tell up to 10 friends about your web site. Each friend they tell will receive your custom email message, but to ensure it will be read it is from their friend's email address!

Setup of our Tell-A-Friend script is very easy, you can start using it right now!

Use the following as an example:

Your Name :
Your E-Mail Address :
E-Mail of Friend 1 :
E-Mail of Friend 2 :
E-Mail of Friend 3 :
E-Mail of Friend 4 :
E-Mail of Friend 5 :
E-Mail of Friend 6 :
E-Mail of Friend 7 :
E-Mail of Friend 8 :
E-Mail of Friend 9 :
E-Mail of Friend 10 :

Message :

Subject :

The code for the above form:

The above example contains all allowed elements. There are some aspects that you might not want your visitor to have control over, so you may wish to use hidden fields in your form. You can make any field hidden, for example:

<input type="hidden" name="message" value="Your message...">

For the script to work, you must use the variables as listed below.

Form Variables:
webmasteremail - Your e-mail address.
thankyou - The email sent to the user of the script.
referer - The visitor's name.
theiremail - The visitor's email address.
message - The message to be sent to the visitor's friends.
subject - The subject of the message you are going to be sending.
referurl - Where visitor is to be redirected to after the submission.
person# - Replace # with either person1, person2, person3, etc. up to person10. This field is a normal text box, and lets you allow your visitor tell up to 10 friends about your web site. If you only want to allow 5 people, just use person1 up to person5; if you want 8 then only go up to person8. You cannot go above person10, otherwise that e-mail will not be sent!

If you have trouble with the script, recheck the variables to ensure they are correct, if they are make sure the form action is correct.

Note: This script does not collect email addresses. Users of this script will never receive email messages from Affiliate HeadQuarters or its partners.

If you still have problems, email

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