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VMC Satellite Affiliate Program

They paid their best affiliate $169,300.00 in one month!

49,856 affiliates all over the world can't be wrong! Join VMC's team of 49,856 affiliate marketers today! (They welcome affiliates from any country, but please remember that our services are only available to US residents.)

Attention Webmasters and Affiliate Marketers!

Earn money while helping give away free satellite system installations!
Many of the best affiliates earn over $100,000 per year from VMC.

Their SMART website pays you $50 whenever you give away a free Satellite Dish System Installation from Dish Network! (Plus overrides on sub affiliates two levels deep!) They've already paid out over $2 Million to affiliates just like you. How much will they pay you?

Why this affiliate program is one of the best:

  • Co-branding allows your name or website address to appear on their website!
    You receive a unique link to our site which tracks all of the customers you refer who click through and visit our site.
  • Password protected live online tracking shows you unique visitors, page views, and actual purchases all in real time! Launch your campaign and see instant results!
  • SMARTsite tracking means anyone who visits our site through your link but does not order will be tracked (using cookies). Then, even if they return months later without your affiliate link, you'll still get paid.
  • Excellent support for offline marketing. You get paid on phone orders and can even print a custom flier to copy and distribute.
  • Your customers receive a $49 credit on their first bill to help them get started!
  • Customers can sign up and schedule installation 24 hours a day via the Internet. You'll make money around the clock! And your response results can be viewed by you within one-second of a customer completing their order!
  • Their excellent online presence is backed up by 100 live human beings in our 13,000 SF call center. We have over 300 incoming phone lines and the staff to handle any volume you can throw our way! You even get paid on phone sales!
  • The affiliate program is FREE and instant! Sign up online and begin making money tonight!

Signup is free and will reveal the powerful details of online subaffiliate tracking. If you are a power affiliate, you cannot miss this one!
You have nothing to lose, and money to make.

Sign up for the VMC Affiliate Program

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